We are pleased to report that our contract for sale for a unit in Wollongong has been exchanged last Friday. Vittoria and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Vicki for her great work, efficacy and tremendous work ethic. The value of Vicki’s work is reflected in covering important details, her persistence and speed to get required documents organised, and her communication which allows us to stay up to date during the process. Throughout the course of this transaction she has been proactive on various fronts, very quick to reply to any of our queries and concerns we had. We appreciate her efforts even more by acknowledging there are many more clients going through similar stages. Once again, we like to thank Vicki for her diligent work ethic as such qualities are rarely seen in these days. Her approach to matters on hand takes a great deal of pain, concerns and stress (for us) out of the equation.
Michael, you can consider yourself very fortunate in having secured Vicki’s services and congratulate you as well as we have been receiving great services from you directly, and indirectly from your staff for almost twenty years. We would like to thank both of you for your time, support and care you have shown to us and wish you all the very best.