Unfortunately, despite everyone’s best efforts, a natural consequence of being involved in business is the fact that you will from time to time end up in a dispute with another party.

When a dispute arises, you need proper commercial advice as to your options as selecting the wrong option can have disastrous consequences for you.

Our Commercial Litigation team headed up by Michael Solari have appeared in numerous Courts in relation to both simple and complex litigation. Michael has appeared in the High Court of Australia on two Appeals, rare occurrences in the life of a legal practitioner. Our lawyers have also appeared in the Federal Court of Australia, the NSW Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court, District Court and Local Courts of NSW and various other Tribunals in relation to a wide range of Commercial Litigation.

Our team are also able to advise you on Alternative Dispute Resolution Procedures such as mediation or arbitration and where and when such procedures are appropriate for your matter.