At Solari & Stock we have been fortunate to have acted for both franchisors and franchisees in relation to the preparation, negotiation and explanation to clients of franchise documentation.

Many people embark upon entering into a Franchise Agreement, particularly as a franchisee, on the basis that they believe that merely by purchasing a franchise that they are going to be successful in the business venture. Our experience has shown us that the success of the business from a franchisee’s perspective is dependent upon:

1. Having a properly negotiated Franchise Agreement and ensuring that a franchisee understands what the franchisor is offering to do;

2. Making sure that the Franchise Agreement makes the franchisor accountable to the franchisee for its promised benefits of the franchisee paying for a franchising system;

3. The franchisee understanding what the franchisee needs to do in order to ensure the success of the franchise business.

At Solari & Stock we can assist you in preparing Franchise Agreements in relation to any proposed franchising system you wish to establish and advise franchisees in relation to franchise documentation that they are wishing to enter into.