Family Law

Family Law

Solari & Stock Lawyers understand that a lot of value is placed on both the emotional and financial aspects of Family and De Facto Law matters. We also know that the value at stake is immeasurable.

Family Law Services

Solari & Stock are based in Miranda and have over 30 years of experience in the St George-Sutherland area. We know family law disputes are an exhausting process. Our clients benefit from our professional and compassionate approach.

We offer sincere and quality family law advice, developing a suitable approach and resolution. We successfully work out arrangements, in or out of Court, always advocating your best interests. Our committed and experienced lawyers have a very high success rate in this area.

what to expect from a Family Lawyer at Solari and Stock
Experts in Family Law

Riccarda Stock, backed by a team of four lawyers, is an Accredited Specialist in Family Law and heads the collaboratively trained, Family Law Team. Our main areas of Family Law are:


• Divorce and separation
• Property and financial settlement
• Parenting orders and parenting plans
• Child support
• De-facto law
• Spouse maintenance
• Superannuation Agreements
• Domestic violence (AVO’s)
• Court representation – The Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia, Local Courts, District and Supreme Courts.
• Collaborative Practice
• Round table settlement conferencing
• Binding Financial Agreement (e.g. pre-nuptial agreements)