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Working from home: A checklist to support your mental health

Working From Home Black Dog Institute

It may have started as a bit of a novelty, but working from home for long periods of time can start to affect our mental health. Just as it is important to look after physical health during the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus, it’s also important to keep on top of how you are feeling.

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How does the COVID19 Pandemic affect my Property Settlement?

How does COVID affect my Property Settlement?

Many families have found separation in the middle of the COVID19 pandemic particularly daunting. Despite COVID19, clients will still find themselves needing to obtain advice about separation and finalising any property division between them. Separation of itself leads to uncertainty about your financial future and those fears and uncertainties are likely to be heightened in the middle of the panic of a global pandemic.

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Solari and Stock are open during this COVID lockdown

Solari and Stock are open

Please contact Solari and Stock on 8525 2700 to make an appointment or click here to request an appointment with one of our experienced Lawyers.

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Powers of Attorney – be careful who you appoint

Powers Of Attorney

Power of Attorneys and Enduring Guardianships are important tools in managing your financial and lifestyle affairs. When you create the documents, you will be known as the Principal, and you will have an Attorney who manages your financial affairs, and a Guardian who manages your lifestyle affairs.

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Parenting with my Ex in the middle of the COVID19 Pandemic

Parenting with my ex during covid

This has been a difficult time for many families trying to work out what to do with the arrangements for their children during the COVID19 global pandemic. We have outlined some of the issues that separated parents are facing at this time.

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The Top Ten Guide for Separated Parents During Covid 19

Parenting during COVID for separate parents

Many families have found the global pandemic as particularly stressful. Both parents and children are very anxious about the situation at this time. Parents are facing the stress of money and health worries in the pandemic, as well as the normal stresses and pressures that arise from raising children generally.

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family law and superannuation

The Australian Government has released exposure draft legislation and explanatory material that amends the Taxation Administration Act 1953 and the Family Law Act 1975 to facilitate the identification of superannuation assets by parties to family law proceedings, leveraging information held by the Australian Tax Office (ATO).

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Solari and Stock Corona Virus update 26 June 2021

Solari and Stock office closed to the public during current outbreak

Solari and Stock take the Coronavirus very seriously and the welfare of our staff and clients are of utmost importance to us.

During the current lockdown the following will be implemented as of Monday 28 June 2021, including the closure of our office to the public.

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Have You Experienced Difficulties Enforcing Your Parenting Orders?

Have you experienced difficulties trying to enforce your parenting orders? Have you had problems with an ex-partner who has repeatedly failed to comply with parenting Orders? Do you want to be able to provide feedback of your own experiences to assist with improving the enforcement of parenting Orders? If you do, here is an opportunity for you to take part in a survey that will confidentially store your voice to be heard as part of research into this area

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Mother Imprisoned for not Complying with Parenting Orders

Once Court Orders are made, parties have an obligation to comply with them. The Family Court and Federal Circuit Court Judges take a party’s responsibility to comply with an Order very seriously. There are significant consequences and penalties to a party if they fail to comply with a Court order.

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