Deceased Estates

Wills, Probate & Estates Disputes

We know that thinking about Wills and what may happen after you are gone can be stressful. Solari & Stock Lawyers know estate planning. We can provide expert assistance in Wills, Deceased Estates and Deceased Estate Disputes, to ease the burden.


Our online induction process allows you to provide vital information to us and consider a range of issues prior to your initial appointment. This enables our initial appointment to be more productive and helps hasten the process from start to finish.

Based in Miranda, Solari & Stock have been practising in the St George-Sutherland area since 1987.


With many years of experience in dealing with deceased estates we use our expertise to ensure the deceased’s wishes are carried out and to ease the burden on the Executor.

Our online induction process provides you with an opportunity to learn about the Probate process and enables you, in your own time, to provide us with substantial information prior to our initial appointment with you, saving time for you in your appointment with us. This enables us to start the Probate process quicker for you and help to avoid unnecessary delays or stress at what is already a difficult time for family members.

Estate Disputes

Estate disputes cover a wide range of issues regarding a deceased person’s financial affairs and the distribution of their estate.

The completion of our online induction process prior to our initial appointment assists us to collect information quickly and in detail to enable us to undertake the detailed investigation needed to ensure we can provide you with appropriate advice. It also means we can alert you to any other information we may need and to consider the legal issues relating to the particular issues you seek advice on at our initial meeting.

Our Wills & Estates Expertise

Solari & Stock Lawyers help in these complex areas:


• Will preparation
• Estate Planning
• Testamentary Trust Wills
• Contesting a Will
• Powers of Attorney
• Appointment of Enduring Guardians
• Superannuation entitlements
• Applications for Probate
• Applications for Letters of Administration
• Representing executors and beneficiaries of estates
• Estate litigation

Why Choose Solari & Stock for your Wills & Estates needs?

Even though Do-It-Yourself wills are legal, they do not cover all legal contingencies. As a result, your Will may be contested or may not properly reflect your wishes in the circumstances which may arise. The costs of using a competent lawyer are small compared to the risks you run by not seeking quality professional advice.