Property & Conveyancing

Property & Conveyancing

Solari & Stock’s Conveyancing and Property lawyers have a strong desire to add value to your property transactions. Our experienced team knows that the right legal and associated advice makes all the difference.

Our Property &
Conveyancing Services

Property is one of the most expensive, but valuable, investments a person makes in his or her lifetime. We always have your best interests at heart, including your bottom line – not ours.

We have developed strategic alliances with leading professionals in associated fields such as finance, real estate agents, financial advisers and risk insurance to enable us to coordinate every aspect of the transaction both now and in the future.

Our clients see this as added value in their relationship with us as we are looking after them not just in that transaction, but into the future. Call Solari & Stock Lawyers on (02) 8525 2700 for efficient and cost-effective assistance and results.

What makes Solari & Stock different?

A lawyer can check the law about property and conveyancing, but a good lawyer is aware of the factors affecting your rights. At Solari & Stock, we work closely with you and your property needs so we can address the areas that require legal attention before any problems arise.

Call Solari & Stock on (02) 8525 2700.

Our Property & Conveyancing Expertise:

Based in Miranda, Solari & Stock Lawyers have been practicing in Property Law and Conveyancing for over 20 years in the St George-Sutherland area. A trusted advisor tailors your circumstances according to your legal needs. As such, we have a deep understanding of your property investments.


• Buying property
• Selling property
• Refinancing property
• Property development
• Land and property subdivision
• Stamp duty
• Mortgages (refinances and discharges)