For any other enquiries or if you are uncertain as to the person who you should contact for your legal matter please contact Michael Solari or Riccarda Stock who will be able to advise you as to the best lawyer to consult.

Our solicitors have appeared in most Local Courts in Sydney many in NSW Country, District Court, Land & Environment Court, Industrial Commission and Court of NSW, the Supreme Court of NSW, NSW Court of Appeal, the Family Court, Federal Magistrates Court, Federal Court of Australia, the High Court of Australia and many other tribunals.

Some of our matters have become the leading cases in their particular areas. We have undertaken matters from simple debt recovery to local government, defamation, building and complex commercial litigation involving thousands of documents. Our solicitors can be contacted to discuss any dispute which may require Court action or alternative dispute resolution. We strive to achieve a speedy resolution of disputes with the Court system viewed as a last resort.