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Thinking about Wills and estates and what may happen after you are gone is stressful. Solari & Stock Lawyers know Estate Planning, Will preparation, contesting a Will, and Probate are laborious processes, and they can provide specialist assistance to ease the burden.

Our Wills & Estate services

Based in Miranda, Solari & Stock have been practising in the St George-Sutherland area for over 20 years. With large superannuation entitlements, substantial investment portfolios and concerns about maximising investment strategy benefits for future generations, there is a demand for Estate Planning and specifically designed Wills. Our experienced lawyers treat every case with respect and confidence to assist our clients achieve their goals.

Our Wills & Estate expertise

Solari & Stock Lawyers help in these complex areas:

  • Will preparation
  • Estate Planning
  • Testamentary Trust Wills
  • Contesting a Will
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Appointment of Enduring Guardians
  • Superannuation entitlements
  • Applications for Probate
  • Applications for Letters of Administration
  • Representing executors and beneficiaries of estates
  • Estate litigation

Why Choose Solari & Stock for your Wills & Estates needs?

Even though Do-It-Yourself wills are legal, they do not cover all legal contingencies. As a result, your Will may be contested or may not properly reflect your wishes in the circumstances that have arisen. The costs of using a competent lawyer are small compared to the risks you run by not seeking quality professional advice.

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Michael Solari

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