Family Law Resolutions

Family Law Resolutions

The Christmas holiday period often places additional pressure on families who are going through separation. Our Family Law team has come up with the following New Year’s Resolutions for those couples who are going through separation:

  1. Get legal advice early on.
    a. Engage an accredited Family Law specialist provide you with initial advice. You will have the opportunity to answer your most urgent questions before you have time to dwell on them. Getting legal advice early on can prevent misconceptions from being formed about your rights and give you confidence in what to negotiate for.
  2. Select a lawyer that is right for you.
    a. Emotions run high as parties separate and some parties want their lawyer to be a “bulldog with lipstick” and cause the maximum amount of discomfort to the opposition. This approach will end up costing more in legal fees and causing unnecessary delays.
    b. The right lawyer will remain focused on the key issues at hand and will work towards your best outcome in the most efficient and courteous manner possible.
    c. Once you have engaged a family lawyer to act on your behalf it should feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders, not like you are going into battle.
  3. Keep the lines of communication open:
    a. Most Family Law matters settle before they end up in court and having a line of communication open between yourself and your former partner can help bring about an agreement and can help lower legal costs. Conversing via text or email can help take the stress and emotion out of these communications whilst ensuring that they are not misinterpreted.
  4. Plan for the future.
    a. If you are sharing the care of the children with your former partner, it is important to set out a plan for their care early on. Children benefit from structure and certainty. Speak with your lawyer about how to do this and what would be best for you.
    b. If you are uncertain regarding your finances in the future your lawyer can direct you to a financial planner to discuss.
  5. Minimise the involvement of Children:
    a. Keep Children out of any dispute that may arise and avoid arguing in front of the children.
  6. Care for yourself:
    a. Separation places a toll on all parties, it is important not to forget about yourself.
    b. Keeping up with regular exercise and any other sports or hobbies that you enjoy will be beneficial for your mental health.
    c. Seek help from a counsellor specialising in separated family problems if required.
  7. Be resolution focused:
    a. There is an end in sight and it is important to keep that in mind each time a decision is made.

Have you just started the separation process? Do you need some help knowing which direction to take? Contact Solari and Stock Miranda on 8525 2700 and speak with one of our experienced Family Law Team or click here to request an appointment.

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