Solari and Stock’s Client Portal is now live!

Solari and Stock’s Client Portal is now live!

Solari and Stock client portal

Solari and Stock have launched our new Client Portal.  The Solari and Stock Client Portal will allow our clients to login to our system whenever they choose to access their own current and active files, view the documents held in their files accounting details relating to the files including any money held in trust, totals of billed and unbilled Work in Progress, billed and unbilled disbursements, how the matters are tracking against estimates provided to the clients and the amount of any outstanding invoices.  The clients can also upload documents directly into their file and the solicitor handling the matter receives an email notification documents have been uploaded. This can include the client downloading documents in their file, make comments or changes to a draft document and upload the document with the client’s changes.

What does this mean for our clients?

This innovative system means ease of access to information for our clients at any time, day, or night.  Our clients no longer have to wait to contact us during business hours to check information about their matters or wait for a response to an email. They can simply log in to the Client Portal at their convenience and see where their current matter is up to.

They will see all the file notes we make of any discussions we have with them, or any other person, in relation to their matter. This gives the client the opportunity to review those notes and seek further clarification as to what is recorded in their files.

The client can see everything that has been done on their file, whilst the matter is current and active, whether we are waiting on a response from someone else or if we are the ones to take the next step. Our clients also have the flexibility to upload documents to the matter and their Solicitor will be sent a notification of the upload.  Not only can this be done at the client’s convenience, but it will avoid those follow up telephone calls or emails the client might otherwise make (and possibly being billed for them). This frees up our time to concentrate on doing the things we need to do for our clients. It de-mystifies what lawyers do (and charge for) and provides complete transparency and accountability in relation to everything we do for our clients. We are excited to bring this innovation to life for the benefit of our clients and believe that it places us in a unique position in the legal profession in our dealings with our clients.  

Only the client or anyone else they expressly authorise will be able to access their files as they will be password protected.  The clients will be able to see, read, access, and save to their computer everything that we can see right here on our screens at Solari and Stock.

The Client Portal comes with its own mobile phone app so our clients can access their files on their computers, tablets or phones no matter where they are (subject to network access).

Can anyone else access my client files?

Only the client will be able to access their files or anyone else they expressly authorize us to allow access (either to all of the file or certain documents) with a separate password. Clients will be able to see, read, access and save to their own computer everything that we can see right here on our screens at Solari and Stock for the duration that their file is active, and will be given access to files created after the date access was granted.

How much does this cost?

There is no cost involved.  This is a free service that we offer to our clients. 

How does a client start using the Client Portal?

All we need is for the client to notify us that they would like to start accessing their files via Solari and Stock’s Client Portal and we can start the process.  It is easy to get started – once we receive notification from the client we send a link to the client for them to generate a password and login to the client portal. The Client Portal can be accessed from the home screen on the Solari and Stock website.  

Any questions?

If you would like to know more about Solari and Stock’s Client Portal please do not hesitate to contact us on 8525 2700 or email to [email protected]

Article written by Kate Allenby
Photo by Adam Satria on Unsplash

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