Reporting for strata schemes every year

Reporting for strata schemes every year

Reporting for strata schemes

Strata managers and owners corporation secretaries who have finished annual strata reporting for 2022, can now complete 2023 annual reports. All strata schemes must report online through the Strata Hub or in person at a Service NSW Centre each year within three months of the annual general meeting (AGM).

If you are a strata manager, you can complete this reporting every year using the Strata Hub’s API integration feature. This enables your agency’s software to automatically connect to the Strata Hub and seamlessly transfer the reporting information for your schemes.

This feature is already available to use for your first annual strata reports for multiple schemes. Now it’s available to submit your second and subsequent annual reports. Visit our Strata reporting using API integration page to learn how to set this up with your software provider. 

Penalties for late reporting and out of date information

A reminder for strata managers or strata secretaries who have not yet reported for 2022 to get it done before 30 June 2023. Penalties of up to $5,500 may apply for not completing the first strata report by 30 June 2023. 

Penalties of up to $2,200 may apply if a strata scheme becomes aware that the reported information is outdated or incorrect and does not update it on the Strata Hub within 28 days.

Please note this applies even if you are only a 2 lot strata scheme.

Please click here to visit the NSW Government website to access their step-by-step user guide and complete the reporting today. You can also visit a Service NSW Centre for support with reporting, or call 13 32 20.

If you have any questions regarding your strata matter, please contact Solari and Stock on 8525 2700 or click here to request an appointment with of our experienced Commercial team.

Original article by NSW Department of Fair Trading and the can be found by clicking here.
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