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Should I Separate Before my Parent Dies to Preserve my Inheritance?

Should I separate before my parents die

If your marriage or relationship is on the rocks and you are deciding as to whether to separate from your spouse, and are concerned as to the effect on your inheritance, then here is some advice which you ought to consider in making your decision one way or the other.

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Is there a time you have to wait after you make a person redundant before you can readvertise for the same position?

how long do we wait time to wait after making someone redundant

A recent case in the Fair Work Commission considered whether there was any time limit between making a person’s position redundant and then readvertising that position.

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Solari and Stock Welcome You back to Our Office

Solari and Stock reopening

Solari and Stock welcome you back to the office from Monday 11 October

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Solari and Stock Newsletter is available

Solari and Stock Newsletter

Solari and Stock’s Client Newsletter has been released! We have selected a number of articles written by our Solari and Stock lawyers relating to a variety of topics and we hope that these articles provide you some assistance.

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Winding up on just and equitable grounds

Winding Up On Just and equitable grounds

Almost always, insolvency is the reason why a company is wound up. This process is often initiated by a creditor of the insolvent company.

However, insolvency is not the only grounds for winding up. The court may also order the winding up of a company if it ‘is of the opinion that it is just and equitable’ to do so.

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Will I have to pay my ex’s legal costs?

Do I have to pay for my ex's legal costs

The general rule in relation to costs in family law matters is outlined in section 117(1) of the Family Law Act 1975, which states that each party to a proceeding shall pay their own legal costs. This is the starting point for all applications that come before the Court.

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Solari and Stock Security Notice

Solari and Stock security notice

If you receive an email from Solari and Stock requesting a payment, please contact our office to verify its authenticity.

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How Are Loans Made by Parents to Children Treated When They Divorce?

How are loans treated when you divorce

Many parents wish to help their adult children financially throughout their lifetime, for example by advancing money to fund a deposit to buy their first home. These advances are rarely documented. But what happens to that money if the adult child subsequently separates or divorces?

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Infographic-The Family Law Appointment Process

what to expect when meeting with Family Law Lawyer

Have you ever wondered what is involved in meeting with one of our Family Law Solicitors? This should help to demystify the process for you.

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What to Expect from a Family Lawyer at Solari and Stock?

What to expect from a Family Lawyer from Solari and Stock

Our Family Lawyers focus on what is important to you, and we give you the benefit of our team’s many years of experience representing Family Law clients. We can guide you because we know how to deal with your situation even if you have a very difficult spouse or partner.

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